100% Canadian

We are proudly Canadian owned and operated. We only hire local, qualified talent to represent our clients and their social image.

Digital Marketing Talent

Our Online Marketing Specialists are university educated and extensively trained in social media marketing and digital intelligence.

Monetize Social Media

We monetize your social media campaign through contests, offers and promotions so you can get more from your social media.

Elevate Social Branding

Take your social branding to new heights. We’ll help you increase your social footprint and create a recognizable brand.


Many businesses make the mistake of setting up a Facebook or Twitter profile, inviting friends and customers to like them, making a few posts and then letting it slip onto the back-burner. A corporate social media page left inactive can be worse than not having one at all.


Our social media division effectively develops and manages your social media strategy. We keep your social profiles active with industry news, promotions, and relevant content to engage your fans and followers. We can also facilitate contests and paid social advertising to grow your fan base and increase your social presence.